Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where did May go? Same place June will!!

For Sister Priday's birthday in April the assistants gave her a framed picture of them gargling salt water along with a card that said "Another birthday, just take it with a grain of salt."
Thought you all might enjoy that bit of humor.

They (previous mission presidents) told us the last 6 months would fly by-last month really did. We did have a few extra trips to the airport and looks like we will again this month. The 4 incoming Elders, scheduled to arrive today were detained at the MTC for two weeks. We are grateful there was only 4 and they were scheduled to stay in the city - so we have 4 three-legs for two weeks. We hope they weren't the ones with H1N1. It did mean there was a few minutes to write this blog.

For those who are interested we will be speaking in our Sharon Park Second Ward on July 19th at 9am. The address is 200 N 200 E in Orem. We are starting for home on July 1st but will be gone visiting family until the 19th. It is hard thinking this is the last transfer, the last departure devotional, the last..... But enough about that, we don't like to think about leaving Canada but do look forward to visiting with all of you when we are home. You all know about that.

We have had several visitors come this past month and have heard that others were here but didn't let us know you were close - shame on you!!! We've had lots to do - getting ready for the new mission president besides all the normal business but still like to hear from you all. Thanks to all of you who have sent up wedding invitations. Any of the rest of you planning to send us an invitation - our home address is 163 N 300 E Orem, UT 84057. Our home phone, at least through July 31st will be (801) 225-8386.

Baptisms for April were down a few from last year. May was up up some from last year, we don't have the final count yet. We attended the baptism for Daylee Howell in Lethbridge for those of you who taught or helped her for the past three years. Both of her parents attended, her Dad even came from Vancouver and was very accepting. We have been to 7 stake conferences in the past 2 months and all of those stakes are really getting into missionary mode. Almost all have stake/ward mission plans in place and are making great progress so it will get there.

We have received wedding invitations for June from Elder Fought, Elder Casebolt, & Elder Matson. For July we have received one from Elder Bell.