Saturday, March 21, 2009

For those of you who have come to visit and wondered when I will update the blog. Here it is. We have been exceptionally busy since the first of the month!!!???!!! President's computer has been having problems and died earlier this week so we have currently lost all the new arrival and departure pictures. :( February baptisms were down, but we think it was partly because there were only 3 full weekends and March is off to a great start. We just hope transfers in the middle of the month don't slow us down.

We have been enjoying visits from several of you - thanks for stopping by. The new mission president has been called. Alan and Pamela Archibald, they will be coming from St. George, Utah where he as been serving as stake president of a YSA stake. We haven't visited with him yet but have received an email. They sound wonderful and they already know some in the mission (a nephew and several others have connections). Their picture and biography was in the church news January 31, 2009.

We do need several of you to send your current email address to I have set up a group for returned missionaries in my gmail account so we can reach you all quickly. That way we can let you know when we are planning reunions and etc. so please respond.