Friday, April 10, 2009

Wasn't conference wonderful!!!

Wasn't conference wonderful and could you believe all the references to Calgary: President Hal Gardner, the Stampede parade, and the new Apostle, Elder Neil L. Andersen was in Calgary last August. Some of the missionaries have suggested that next time there is a vacancy for a new apostle we should see who has been up here in the past 9 months and we will have a good idea. (The past three apostles fit that category.)

This picture of the Calgary temple site was taken right after Zone Conference on March 23. We had a great round of Zone Conferences with great conversion testimonies of somewhat recent converts. Some of those sharing their testimonies were taught or baptized by some of you.

We have had some real miracles this past little while. President Balderson's (Magrath stake president) father (age 91) joined the church last month. So did Danielle (Ryan Jolley's wife!!??) from Cranbrook. Jane Blum from Okotoks is getting baptised tomorrow and Makenzie Romanovitch was baptized today. Makenzie's mother, Amy remembers many of you and wants you to know you did make a difference. Danielle said the same thing. Keep sharing your testimonies, remember to be the member missionary you wish you had up here.
Our baptisms for March were up, but we didn't quite reach the goal to double. Keep us in your prayers, we are so close to reaching the goal. There are lots of good things happening.

The Bloxhams went home yesterday, we will miss them. They are speaking in their ward in Springville on the 19th of April @ 1 pm. The address of the church is 2nd North 900 East. You can also reach them at (801) 489-4228. We are losing several couples in the next few months and have few replacements. Encourage your parents if they are able to come join us. They will learn to love the great CCM as much as you do.

We have visited with the new Mission President and his wife. They will be great, they already have a great love for the CCM. Just like all of you when you opened your call letters, it is amazing how the Lord prepares us to care for others around us and those we have stewardship 0ver.